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Aliento is seeking an Arts + Healing Program Coordinator who will work closely with the Cultiva

staff to plan and implement programming in the community. This position reports to the Cultiva

Program Director. Ideal candidates will be bilingual, have strong written and verbal

communication skills, detailed oriented, and have a background in community roles. Specified

duties include, but are not limited to:

1. Participant Strategy & Outreach (30%)- Arts and Healing Coordinator will be in charge

of implementing outreach strategies to retain our current Cultiva program participants

and increase our database of new participants based on Aliento’s annual goals.

- Outreach strategies will be co-created in partnership with Cultiva program &

Leadership staff and must reflect our annual goals.

- Collaborate with interns and fellows to implement new outreach strategies.

- Leverage digital platforms to engage our online community on healing & creative


2. Event Planning & Execution (35%) – Arts and Healing Coordinator will be responsible

for coordinating and executing Cultiva events established annually based on our goals.

○ Coordinator will lead the ECFI initiative (Eisenhower Center for Innovation) and

Mental Health Check-Ins

○ Support with cross-club collaboration

○ Lead and support facilitator training sessions.

○ Support with other Cultiva related events including arts & healing workshops,

open mics, art galleries, etc.

3. Cultiva Program Support (15%) – Collaborate with the Cultiva Team to execute outreach,

implementation, and evaluation of mental health & arts programming.

○ Lead coordination with mental health community partners

○ Coordinate programming with existing mental health community partners

○ Support outreach to potential new partners to promote mental health & arts


○ Assist with ongoing program development (i.e. program implementation, data

collection, data analysis, recordkeeping)

4. Provide Strategic Input + Support to Aliento and Collaborate Across Departments


○ Support Aliento’s initiatives by sharing content on personal social media.

○ Attend meetings with partners, funders, or relevant stakeholders.

○ Meet weekly with the assigned supervisor.

○ Attend weekly core team meetings (every Wednesday & Friday at 10AM)

○ Attend quarterly step backs and bi-annual retreats (non-negotiables).

○ Represent the organization at the highest level of integrity at external events,

media interviews, etc.

○ Supervise and meet with interns on a weekly basis.

○ Participate and implement cross-staff training.

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