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Aliento is seeking a Data and Evaluation Manager to support the development of new data and evaluation structures to serve our programs long term. Ideal candidates will have strong written and verbal communication skills, experience integrating data and storytelling, and have a background in data management and analysis. This position is contingent on grant funding and will report to the Cultiva Director. Specified duties include, but are not limited to:

1. Management (50%): The Data & Evaluation Manager will lead Aliento’s efforts to scale our

data collection, program tracking, and evaluation capabilities and will play a key role in

designing new data collection and evaluation systems. Tasks include:

○ Collaborate with Cultiva Team, Aliento Leadership, and the Mental Health

Committee to define the need for and refine the delivery of mental health services

for Latinx/e students and mixed-immigration-status families.

○ Research, propose, purchase, and implement hardware and software to scale

Aliento’s capacity for data collection and evaluation.

○ Attend quarterly committee meetings as needed

○ Lead ongoing program data management and tracking

○ Contextualize data for the Mental Health Committee, Aliento Leadership, and staff

○ Collaborate with a third party to perform a formal evaluation

○ Supervise and collaborate with Cultiva Research Fellow

2. Program Evaluation (25%):

- Evaluate feedback from Mental Health Committee members regarding process and

final product of the committee’s work.

- Develop and present final evaluation to committee’s members

- Provide analysis for program data as required for grant and reporting purposes.

3. Provide Strategic Input and Support to Aliento and Collaborate Across Departments


- Meet weekly with assigned supervisor

- Attend weekly core team meetings (every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 a.m.)

- Attend quarterly step-backs and bi-annual retreats (see annual calendar)

- Attend meetings with stakeholders

- Support organization’s initiatives by sharing content on personal social media

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