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Founded by a former undocumented professional, Code the Dream provides:

1. free software development classes and

2. paid apprenticeships to individuals from diverse backgrounds and underserved

communities. (In order to be eligible for their paid apprenticeships, individuals must

complete and pass their free coding courses, which takes 6-18 months to complete.)

Code the Dream Learns (free coding courses)

CTD Learns applications for the Fall Trimester closes Sunday, July 14, 2024. The Fall Trimester

runs from September/October to February/March.

Code the Dream (CTD) Learns is a free, intensive online code school that offers software

development classes to individuals from diverse, low-income backgrounds. The program lasts 6-18

months, with 10-20 hours of weekly classwork. Classes are fully online and include self-study and

live sessions. Students must attend 2 online mentor sessions (led by an experienced software

developer) weekly. After completing an Advanced class, students join an 8-10 week Practicum to

create and deploy an app in small groups. CTD Learns offers 3 cohorts annually (spring, summer, fall).

Eligibility: Eligibility requirements include being 18+, from a diverse low-income background, and

having the time and motivation to excel. Prior coding skills (though helpful) and college enrollment

are not necessary.

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