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Interns will be immersed into the software development industry. They will serve as Business Development Representatives who are responsible for expanding Coreware Group's customer base.

They will use prospecting strategies to identify prospects, and they initiate the first outreach with potential customers. Their primary objective will be to serve as business outreach.

They will learn to craft different techniques to help develop the sales pipeline. In addition, they will learn to contribute to the sales process while becoming certified in HubSpot CRM.

We will conduct daily educational meetings to learn our current technology stack and how to operate as a company. They will be exposed to client relations and internal development strategies.

Secondary roles will be to observe various business models from our existing clients and how we develop software solutions. Lastly, we will also expose interns to project management and timeline discipline.

Our plan is to expose students to various roles within the company, so they are able to make a well-informed decisions when entering the workforce after graduation. Students will be working remotely.

We expect anywhere from 15-20 hours during the business week only. The qualities we are looking for are professional and well-organized individuals. An individual who works well with freedom and autonomy. We are looking for individuals who can take direction and use creative thinking to accomplish various tasks. The best interns will have an opportunity to move to a full-time hired position as well.

Lastly, we are willing to work with any university to meet the qualification to grant academic credit for students. We understand every university has different academic requirements and we are happy to oblige.


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