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Dr. Aireale J. Rodgers

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Work with Dr. Aireale J. Rodgers on a pilot study exploring whether an how instructors and students leverage digital courseware to support racial equity.

Insights from this pilot study will inform the iteration of the Equity-First Framework for Digital Courseware (Rodgers, 2022) and the development of a toolkit supporting higher education instructors seeking to embed racial equity in their use of digital courseware.

This is a Gates Foundation-funded project exploiting whether and how instructors and students leverage digital courseware for racial equity in postsecondary STEM gateway courses.

The position is FULL REMOTE and short term. The GRA would commit to a 40 hr contract that starts in November 2022 and ends February 2022. Rate: $100 per hour X 40hrs= $4,000.

The ideal candidate is a grad student in an ED program who is committed to racial equity and has an interest in qual research, interviewing, and studying postsecondary teaching and learning. Students of Color and student experiencing poverty are especially encouraged to apply!

SSN or Work Permit is NOT required

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