The Bill Ong Hing Undocumented Student Scholarship for Undocumented Students in Law (California only)

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The Dreamer Fund offers two scholarships for undocumented law students attending an accredited law school in California: (1) the Bill Ong Hing Undocumented Student Scholarship; and (2) the Dreamer Fund Emergency Aid Scholarship. Applicants may only apply for one of the scholarships per school year and must show proof of enrollment in an accredited law school for the current semester, File Number (if applicable).

If applying for the emergency scholarship, you must submit the applicable emergency notice along with the scholarship application. An example of this would be, if applying for emergency aid due to rent eviction, a notice of eviction would be applicable. An emergency scholarship application has no deadline. It can be submitted anytime.

The Bill Ong Hing Undocumented Student Scholarship (BOHUSS) is available only to Dreamer or undocumented law students who will attend or are currently attending an accredited law school in the State of CALIFORNIA. Please download the scholarship application form, follow the submission instructions and send the completed application to us via email at

The deadline for the tuition application is NOVEMBER 4th, 2022

2nd Scholarship for undocumented students:

  • Emergency Aid Scholarship - This scholarship is for emergency purposes. Qualifying applicants must be undocumented law students currently attending or admitted to a California accredited law school. Examples of this include medical emergencies, evictions due to non-payment of rent, food, DACA renewals, California State Bar Exam Fees, etc. At least two applicants will be selected to receive this scholarship in the amount of $500 each, per fiscal year. Verification of emergency must be included in the application submission.

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