Operations Coordinator

Glenwood, Colorado
Voces Unidas de las Montanas


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Responsibilities​Operations​Responsible for the management of office resources, vendors, technology, and supplies;Partner with the Executive Director to develop, update and track progress on the organization’s strategic and operational plans;Oversee planning of regular staff meetings to drive the priorities of the organization;Assist the Executive Director with Board of Directors staff duties, including supporting the development and archiving of quarterly Board meeting agendas, monthly reports and any official record of the organization;Manage grant contracts and reporting obligations of the organization, in coordination with the Development team and the Executive Director;Ensure program evaluation data, progress and impact are tracked for reporting purposes;Support the Executive Director with donor relations, including correspondence and acknowledgment letters;Manage physical office space and leasing processes to meet short- and long-term organizational goals; andSupport the Executive Director with state and federal reporting requirements for all affiliated organizations and entities. ​Finance and Budget​Support the Executive Director with the annual budget planning process; Maintain organization-wide list of active projects, including timeline, budgeted expenses, and actual expenses; Manage, track, process and properly code all donations and grant contracts of the organizations (Quickbooks and donor CRM);Manage, track, process and properly code all expenditures of the organizations (Quickbooks); Manage and process all employee reimbursements and vendor payment requests in a timely fashion; Manage all data entry, bookkeeping, and document retention for the organizations;Manage vendor contact information and contracts; andManage and process biweekly payroll, in compliance with state law and properly tracking C3 and C4 activities. ​Human Resources​With the Executive Director, develop and implement HR policies, procedures and programs that advance the strategic and operational needs of the organization (employee handbook, professional development, employee compensation and benefits, etc);Ensure that annual performance reviews are conducted by managers;Support recruitment and retention of employee;Support with on-boarding of new employees;Ensure the organization is in compliance with state and federal employment and labor laws; andManage and track employee benefits.

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