Poder Latinx Poderosas Fellowship (open to DACA and NON DACA in AZ, Washington, GA, FL, DC/Virginia, North Carolina, TX, CA, NV, Wisconsin, Illinois, NY, Pennsylvania & Minnesota)

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Before you start the application, please make sure that you read the eligibility requirements, the required trainings, and our collective goals for the Poderosa Fellowship program. For any questions regarding your application, please email Monica at MSibri@poderlatinx.org


We build, we grow, and we stay true to our mission when we share what we know with the communities we want to support. To participate, you must be:

  • Able to commit 10-15 hours to the fellowship weekly
  • Ready to take what you learn and pass it on to others. We build, we grow, and we stay true to our mission if we share what we know with the communities we want to support
  • Interested in learning the ins and outs of civic engagement
  • Seeking to make a difference in your local communities
  • Interested in organizing, program management, and electoral work
  • Have organizing or program management experience, preferred but not required
  • Able to build and maintain a coalition of Latinas in your local communities
  • Have strong ties to the community and/or Latinx networks
  • A Latina (Ages 18-35) aligned with our organization’s values and knows how to navigate the cultural diversity of our Latinx community.
  • Identify as a Latina and be proud of your culture’s struggles and success

How we support our Poderosas - training

We know that in order to expect our cohort of Poderosas to deliver goals, we must first equip them with the necessary tools and resources. Our Poderosa fellows will gain access to an extensive network of Latinas in the civic engagement space and receive the following core trainings:

  • The Latinx Electorate in the U.S (History and Data)
  • Relational organizing & its importance
  • How to use digital organizing during COVID
  • How to set a phone banking/texting campaign
  • How to set-up a poll watcher program
  • Latina representation in the U.S & gaining a seat at the table
  • Professional resume building and interview best practices
  • Media / Communications Training
  • How to use an integrated strategy to lead successful programs and campaigns

Note: All the Poderosa Fellows will receive a $5,000 stipend

What the Poderosas impact looks like - Our goals

All of our Poderosas will help this growing network of Latinas involved in civic engagement and politics working to improve the lives of the Latinx community from across the country by achieving these goals with our support:

  • Expand the Latinx electorate for the 2022 Midterm elections and beyond
  • Collectively help build a unique universe of 1,000 Latina voters  
  • Organize and lead six civic engagement conversations in their local Latinx community
  • Introduce new tools to help close that gap in civic participation and increase Latinx's political representation in the U.S.
  • Help recruit Latinx Poll watchers for our Latinx voter protection program or other local elections in our local community
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the organization and represent our values to the best of their abilities
  • Maintain a tracking system to report, evaluate and improve the fellowship
  • The Poderosa fellows will also contribute to help meet Poder Latinx’s organizational field and digital goals.


For any questions regarding your application, Monica at MSibri@PoderLatinx.org

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