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Seatle, WA
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Support and facilitate protocol-driven planning with teams from up to 10 comprehensive high schools in a year-long professional learning and improvement network.Facilitate structured school team meetings that involve problem-solving, goal and strategy setting, progress monitoring, and use of continuous improvement tools to measure the effectiveness of strategies.Assist school teams in using qualitative and quantitative data to identify areas of strength and challenges, and to inform continuous improvement.Identify best practices and effective tools within particular schools and develop mechanisms to disseminate across schools and the region. Write reports that capture school progress and learnings that can be shared with funders, school district leaders, and other policymakers.Co-design and develop content for CCLI quarterly workshops (which include all CCLI teams) and ensure alignment to school meetings.Co-create a new high school to college transitions function within CCLI, support the improvement of college and career pathway tracking function, leading to a pilot summer melt project 2022.Establish partnerships between our public high schools in the region and our local community and technical colleges as well as feeder four-year institutions.

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