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From Mesa College President, Pamela Luster:

San Diego Mesa College seeks energetic and dedicated candidates to apply for faculty positions. The college is committed to academic excellence in a rich environment of diversity, equity and inclusion. We are the largest college in the San Diego Community College District. We are building a solid foundation for the next 50 years by renewing our efforts to find innovative, collaborative and knowledgeable new faculty who alongside our stellar current faculty will lead us into the future. If this opportunity sounds like the right fit for you, I encourage you to file an application for employment expressing your interest.

Borderless Scholars program and Dreamer Resource Center support undocumented, AB540, Dreamer, DACA, students from mixed-status families, faculty/staff, and allies as well as the community at large. The program and center provide a safe and welcoming environment for undocumented students and undocu-allies; support is provided through personal/career/academic counseling, on-campus support services, and community resources including legal services.

Applications are now being accepted for the position of Counselor/Coordinator for Borderless Scholars and Dreamer Resource Center at San Diego Mesa College. This position will be housed in the EOPS Department and is under the direction of the Director of EOPS and Special Programs. Mesa College is located in Clairemont Mesa in San Diego and is one of three colleges in the San Diego Community College District. Counselor/Coordinator for Borderless Scholars and Dreamer Resource Center is responsible for coordinating the development, implementation and evaluation of the Borderless Scholars Program and Dreamer Resource Center. Counselor/Coordinator will provide counseling services for EOPS and Special Programs, in addition to coordinating the program and center. This is a 40-hour work week (30 on-campus & 10 off-campus), Monday through Friday, 11-month assignment.

Work to support Mesa’s diverse student population by providing the following services:

  • Coordinate the development, implementation and evaluation of the Borderless Scholars Program and Dreamer Resource Center.
  • Responsible for gathering, maintaining, interpreting, and disseminating records related to the eligibility and performance of student participants and the program overall.
  • Prepare and present reports and evaluation of services.
  • Review all project expenditures to ensure they are in accordance with SDCCD and state guidelines, and that they are reasonable and in line with the objectives of the project.
  • Assist Mesa College’s diverse student population with successful transfer, personal and career counseling, and educational goal completion.
  • Provide information, guidance, and the necessary support to current and/or new Borderless Scholars students and campus community to ensure that the program makes progress towards program objectives.
  • Assist students with the development of abbreviated and comprehensive education plans.
  • Conduct individual and group counseling services in face to face and online formats.
  • Assist students in finding appropriate college and community resources to resolve problems, and crises, which interfere with their success as students.
  • Provide counseling services for probationary and disqualified students; address and identify student learning problems in cooperation with the instructional programs and services.
  • Conduct orientations and workshops for students.
  • Coordinate and plan program activities and services.
  • Holds regular staff meetings, trainings, and works collaboratively to meeting program objectives.
  • Participation in campus wide and district committees, as well as regional meetings and events.
  • Serve as a liaison to high schools, college departments, community organizations, and other universities and colleges to enhance services provided to students.
  • Maintain up-to-date information related to legal issues impacting undocumented students
  • Research different funding opportunities and develop grant proposals.
  • Participate in engaging community relations with organizations and allies that support the undocumented community.
  • Responds to difficult and sensitive public inquiries and complaints and assists with resolutions and alternative recommendations.
  • Performs related work as required.


Master’s degree in counseling, rehabilitation counseling, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, guidance counseling, educational counseling, social work or career development, or the equivalent,


EOPS counselors hired after October 24, 1987, shall:

(1) Have completed a minimum of nine semester units of college course work predominantly relating to ethnic minorities or persons handicapped by language, social or economic disadvantages


(2) Have completed six semester units or the equivalent of a college-level counseling practicum or counseling field-work courses in a community college EOPS program, or in a program dealing predominantly with ethnic minorities or persons handicapped by language, social or economic disadvantages


In addition, an EOPS counselor hired after October 24, 1987, shall have two years of occupational experience in work relating to ethnic minorities or persons handicapped by language, social or economic disadvantages.

Desired Qualifications

At least 1 year of experience coordinating student success, equity, or similar retention programs in a post-secondary education setting with low-income, first-generation, and academically disadvantaged populations, including students with disabilities is desired.

The successful candidate will have achieved:

  • Experience in a leadership role; coordinating, planning, implementing, and evaluating a student support program.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience working with undocumented, AB540, Dreamer, DACA recipients, and students from mixed status families.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience providing academic, career, and personal counseling to students from special populations such as First Generation, Undocumented, TRIO, Foster Youth, Formerly Incarcerated, EOPS, and homeless students. This includes but is not limited to: the initial intake interview, collection and analysis of verification of program participation to determine eligibility for services, development of student educational contracts, personalized case management, individual counseling and group presentations.
  • Experience and/or academic preparation in conducting assessment, advisement, orientation, and counseling services to a diverse student population.
  • Knowledge and experience developing, organizing, and coordinating counseling and student support services at a higher education institution.
  • Knowledge and experience in the implementation of student equity and achievement efforts in a community college setting.
  • Interpreting and applying policies and regulations within a higher education setting.
  • Demonstrated knowledge, ability, and experience preparing and presenting reports and evaluation of services.
  • Experience with budget monitoring and projection.
  • Knowledge and the ability to identify students experiencing academic difficulties including monitoring, evaluating progress, and increasing retention.
  • Establish and maintain collegial working relationships with students, faculty, classified professionals, administration, community agencies and educational institutions.
  • Knowledge and/or skill in the use of computer technology, applies emerging technologies, and ability to utilize technology in promoting and enhancing services to students.
  • Knowledge, training, and experience that would indicate sensitivity, understanding, and ability to work with special populations, as well as the diverse academic, socio-economic, disability, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students. Assist targeted students to meet their key needs, with a particular focus on financial aid, housing and community resources.

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