Sequoia Awards scholarship for HS students regardless of immigration status

Sequoia Awards scholarship

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Thank you for your interest in The Sequoia Awards scholarship program.

Please review the following eligibility requirements to see if you are a candidate for this scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for a Sequoia Awards scholarship, you must:

  • have performed voluntary community service;
  • be a high school senior; and
  • reside at a Redwood City mailing address. This includes unincorporated Redwood City, North Fair Oaks, Emerald Hills, and Redwood Shores.

To be considered for a Sequoia Awards scholarship, you must:

  • submit all required application forms and documents;
  • submit the completed application package by the deadline of October 31;
  • provide only truthful and accurate information;
  • be present at all required interviews; and
  • participate in our awards event in the Spring, details to be announced. (Exceptions for health and safety can be arranged in advance.)

To receive a Sequoia Awards scholarship, you must:

  • meet all eligibility criteria listed above, and
  • be selected to receive a scholarship.


To apply, read our Scholarship Application Instructions, then fill out our online application form and provide the following completed documents:

Once you’ve got all of the above, proceed.

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