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The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration


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Overall areas of responsibility for the Project Manager include: (1) develop resources and materials designed to strengthen the capacity of colleges and universities to support undocumented and other immigrant students; (2) oversee the undocumented graduate/professional student initiative, which includes the production of materials and resources that will increase access and improve support for undocumented graduate and professional students; (3) research and develop, consistent with the constraints imposed by federal, state, and local laws, state-level resources and information for campuses, students, and other stakeholders to support change related to four key state policies that impact higher ed access and affordability for students, their entry and eligibility to the workplace, and overall mobility. These policy areas are in-state tuition, financial aid, professional and occupational licensure, and driver’s licenses. The individual will serve as the Presidents’ Alliance’s resource liaison for campuses and participate as a member of the Alliance leadership team. At UCLA, the manager will interface with our UCLA partners and provide support for specific activities, as outlined below, that are related but not limited to the above-mentioned areas of responsibilities.

The Project Manager’s responsibilities include:

Campus and State Policies (50% time)

  1. In collaboration with partners, develop and share resources and recommended actions that improve support for immigrant students, including undocumented students, and address the impact of immigration policies on campuses and students. These resources will also be shared via the Higher Ed Immigration Portal (Portal). Resources may include FAQs, webinars, convenings, briefings for campus leadership, workshops, electronic communications, analysis, message templates, and toolkits. Some of this work may be in direct support of UCLA projects and events.
  2. In conjunction with CILP, IRLE, and the Portal team, help develop and share information and resources related to state policies that impact undocumented and other immigrant students, alumni, and others. Of particular interest are policies under which state governments, local governments, and public colleges and universities can, subject to constraints imposed by existing laws and without new federal legislation, foster financial security for students, alumni, and non-student employees who are undocumented.
  3. Develop and facilitate opportunities for campuses that wish to participate in communities of practice focused on supporting immigrant students and for institutions that wish to undertake cross-campus initiatives, including efforts to expand postgraduate pathways for undocumented students.
  4. Deliver presentations to institutions on immigration resources; travel as appropriate to colleges and universities to assess needs; provide technical assistance (including non-legal advice on policies, referrals to legal and other resources, and consultations) to institutions seeking to improve their policies, services, and resources for undocumented and other immigrant students.
  5. In consultation with the Director of the Higher Ed Immigration Portal, provide guidance, ideas, and materials for the effective practices, student populations, and state pages of the Portal. This may include assisting in the production of policy briefs or reports on promising practices, including on tuition equity, financial aid and other funding policies, and professional and occupational licensure.

Undocumented Graduate Student Initiative (35%)

  1. For the undocumented graduate student initiative, develop tools and resources that can be shared with faculty, students, departments and institutions in order to increase the capacity of institutions to admit, fund, and support undocumented graduate and professional students. Resources include policy guides, templates, FAQs, funding opportunities, webinars, etc. Some of this work may be in support of UCLA-specific activities.
  2. Serve as a liaison for campus-based immigration intervention teams or task forces. Some of this work may be in support of UCLA-specific activities.
  3. Coordinate a small campus advisory team for the undocumented graduate student initiative comprised of graduate deans, faculty, students, and organizational representatives.
  4. Coordinate conference calls and periodic in-person convenings related to the undocumented graduate student initiative and general capacity-building work, in order to support collaboration and timely response and to lay the groundwork for an ongoing network to share best practices.

Presidents’ Alliance Leadership Team (15%)

  1. Participate in the Student Strategy Table.
  2. Develop analytics plans and identify and track metrics in consultation with partners to measure resource usage and assess success of their work with campuses.
  3. Assist in member stewardship and the writing and preparation of grant reports.
  4. Participate on the Presidents’ Alliance leadership team; conduct outreach to new institutions and potential partners.
  5. Hire and supervise summer or academic year interns to work on the initiatives described above as relevant.
  6. Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree required, and advanced, professional (J.D.), or doctoral degree preferred. Advanced degrees in law, social sciences, student affairs, education, or communications welcomed.
  • Five years of professional work experience. Work experience at a higher education institution preferred.
  • Experience in developing programs and working with immigrant, undocumented, or international student support services and/or campus immigration taskforces preferred.
  • Subject matter expertise in federal or state-related immigration policies; and/or subject matter expertise in student success and support programs.
  • Experience in immigration advocacy at the local, state or national level preferred.
  • Excellent writing, verbal, and presentation skills, including reports, webinars, talks, and website content.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm and experience in working with diverse teams and on collaborative projects.
  • Ability to work independently, solve problems creatively, and collaborate effectively with member institutions, partners, and Presidents’ Alliance team members.
  • Ability to engage with and present to varied levels of stakeholders, including college and university presidents, students, staff, faculty, organizational partners, and policy-makers.
  • Availability and ability to travel to visit member campuses, attend conferences, and partner events.
  • Demonstrated time management and project management skills with the ability to prioritize work, deliver high-quality, accurate work, and meet multiple deadlines.

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