Workshop Facilitator and/or Career Panelist for Nov. 17th & Nov. 18th

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We are excited to announce that UndocuProfessionals will host their 4th Virtual Conference! The UndocuProfessionals Network community provides educational and career resources and information to the undocumented communities. We are on a mission to serve a highly diverse immigrant communities that should not be discriminated or excluded because of their immigration status. Through our community we can break down the barriers that so many faces when they are completing their education and entering the workforce.

Thank you for your interest to be a presenter as an individual or as an organization. Please fill out the questions below. We will email to confirm you as a presenter and provide you with additional instructions.

UndocuProfessionals welcomes presentation proposals from individuals regardless of immigration status that are interested to share resources, knowledge, personal experience, stories and areas of expertise to the undocumented communities. We highly encourage the voice of undocumented individuals, this includes students, new professionals, with different levels of experience to participate. The undocumented immigrant experience is needed but not required. To be transparent in our selection process of presenters and speakers we will prioritize the space for those that identify as undocumented, with and without DACA, and TPS holders. Two types of opportunities are available for our speakers and presenters: we need speakers in career panels and workshop presenters.

Save the Date: November 17th & 18th Contact us at :

Last Day to Submit Interest Form: October 20th, 2023

Stipend will be provided of $250 for this opportunity

Here are some topics that we have had in prior years for workshop presenters:

How to find Scholarships for Undocumented students

How to Start your Business while Undocumented

How to Land Your First Paid Opportunity while undocumented

Resources for undocumented students in Law (same in Education)

Financial Education for Undocumented Students

Health and Mental Heal for Undocumented Students

And More

Here are some topics that we have had in prior years for Career Panel presenters:

Speakers in all career fields are welcomed this includes: Health, STEM, Entrepreneurships/Business, Law, Community Advocacy, Education and more.

More information about the 2023 UndocuProfessionals (UP) Conference:
The Conference will be open to the community

The Conference will be free for the community that identifies as Undocumented

The Conference has around 400-600 attendees

The Conference will be looking for sponsors

For more information you can also visit us at:

If you would like to become a sponsor or know someone that can be a sponsor please email me: The funds contributed will help to continue providing resources and support the undocumented communities.

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