October 26, 2020
January 18, 2021

Fall/Winter Mentorship

The start of the program is Fall/Winter 2020-2021 and mentors will meet a minimum of 1-3 times for 1-3 hours with their respective mentee from December 26th-January 18th

Mentor/Mentee will meet via phone, email, or video conference. We have established different mentoring “tiers” to make sure every mentor can find something that works best for them such as Personal, Career and Educational.

  • Personal: Building their network, wants to hear from others undocu stories/journeys
  • Career: Reviewing Resume, applying for a new job
  • Educational: applying for a scholarship, application to undergrad/graduate program

If you are interested to join the program by becoming a mentor (undocuProfessionals) or mentee (Undocu Students) please fill out the correct form below:

UndocuProfessionals Fall/Winter Mentorship Program team:

For more info please email the Mentorship Program Team: unndocuprofessionalsmentorship@gmail.com