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Welcome to the UndocuProfessionals Podcast! Your listening to the UndocuProfessionals Podcast join us as we have real conversations with professionals in the many fields, entrepreneurs, artist, creatives and immigrants that happen to be undocumented to talk about careers, about making money moves and occupying spaces.

We deserve as undocumented individuals to make career, boss and money moves! Many of the career opportunities available for others are not open or available to the undocumented communities. Together we are bringing awareness to others to open more opportunities for our communities.

With your host Sharet Garcia a DACA recipient, Entrepreneur, career coach/consultant and Counselor. She created the UndocuProfessionals platform, a safe platform because she had many questions about higher education. She also experienced that many faculty, staff, admin didn't have the information or expertise to advise her on her career path. She created UndocuProfessionals to increase awareness and support undocumented individuals in all levels to transition to professionals. Join her on her journey to provide resources, to have conversation, share experiences, networking, collaborating, supporting workshops, job opportunities and more.

My guest today is Thalia Garibay. She is a mother, DACA recipient, and educator making career moves. Thalia tells us about her experience navigating her education while being undocumented, how she found her purpose and continuing her education, deciding on a career path, and provides so much information are going to enjoy this episode!

If you want to see the recording of this episode #1 please check out the undocuprofessionals website. Let me know what you think about the episode. I love to allow you to reflect on the info and also to start allowing you to think about actions that you can take to begin exploring career opportunities. Tell me what you are going to do with this information? Or what stood out to you.

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