Navigating Travel: A Guide for Undocumented Individuals Traveling to Hawaii

Regardless of their immigration status, immigrants have the right to travel on domestic flights within the U.S which includes Hawaii. When traveling domestically, all passengers must present valid photo identification issued by either the state or federal government. Undocumented individuals have several options for acceptable forms of ID recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the full list of which can be found here. Popular forms of identification include state identification cards (such as state IDs), foreign passports, and certain DHS-issued cards (such as , DACA Employment Authorization Documents for DACA recipients). It's essential to ensure that your identification is not expired, matches the name on your flight ticket, and be prepared for airport security procedures.

Do you need the Real ID?

Beginning May 7, 2025, passengers who wish to use their driver's license or ID card to board a domestic flight will need to show a federal compliant REAL ID. However, a foreign passport can still be used as Real ID compliant when traveling, even after the implementation of the REAL ID. Understanding this requirement and planning accordingly for future travel is essential.

UndocuProfessionals Undocu Networking Event in Hawai

Undocumented Community in Hawaii:

We're excited to highlight that the undocumented community not only visits but also lives in Hawaii. Recognizing their presence and contributions, we're organizing a networking event in Honolulu on June 1st, 2024.  If you're interested in joining us to build community and connect with fellow undocumented individuals, whether it's your inaugural visit to Hawaii or you're already a resident, we encourage you to attend this  and other events.

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