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Undocuprofessionals is a national community for and by the undocumented communities in all career fields



Our Mission is to create a brave platform for the undocumented communities to highlight their experiences from student as they transition to professionals.

Undocumented professional should have a clear pathway to achieving their career goals. We aim to do this by creating an environment of mentorship and community with a sustainability that allows for the next generations to have the possibility of choosing.

Highly diverse immigrant professionals should not be discriminated against because of their legal status. Our primary goal is to create a new level of opportunities for professionals regardless of their immigration status. Through our community, we can break down the barriers that so many faces when completing their education and entering the workforce. We strive to work with schools, businesses, organizations, and individuals to adopt career pathways and nondiscriminatory policies towards professionals based on their immigration status.

By the Undocumented Community for the Undocumented Community

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