Undocu-Owned Business Guide for the Holidays

During the pandemic in 2020, a lot of small businesses got hit hard which also affected them this year in 2021. Many small businesses, including undocu-owned businesses, had to close and many are struggling to keep their business open. Small businesses count on this time of year to support their families, goals, and much more.

As someone undocumented and who owns a small business I also know how it works for one, and how important every purchase is.
You can't talk about careers without talking about entrepreneurship in undocumented communities. Why? because entrepreneurship provides the opportunity for someone undocumented to

*work legally in the US,
*to open a business or consulting services, and
*allows an opportunity to connect their career aspiration with entrepreneurship

Therefore, I’m so excited to partner with over 45 undocu-owned businesses to support local and small. I’m thankful for all these businesses for trusting me and for being part of the undocuprofessionals network community!

I’ve created an undocu-owned business gift guide and support guide which includes some of my favorite small businesses that are doing such incredible things.

There are gifts for everyone on your list and even better your purchases will help creative business owners keep their businesses open during these hectic times.
I’m including shop/consulting names, special discounts, and more. I invite you to follow these great small businesses and support this holiday and all year long.

Page 1 of the UndocuProfessionals Undocu-Owned Businesses Gift Guide
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Page 5 of the UndocuProfessionals Undocu-Owned Business Gift Guide

Please help us share widely because being small/local makes us stronger if you share the information.
If you find this information helpful please share it. If you are an Undocumented, DACA beneficiary, TPS holder, or AB540 student looking for a community to meet aspiring or professionals then the UndocuProfessionals Network community is for you. Looking forward to connecting, co-create, and sharing space with you!

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