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Organizational Summary: The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) is a racial justice and migrant rights organization which engages in education, advocacy, and cross-cultural alliance-building in order to strengthen a national movement to end racism, criminalization, and economic disenfranchisement in African American and Black immigrant communities.

The Bay Area in Northern California has been known for its rich legacy of self-determination struggles and cross-cultural movement building represented in many different movements that catalyzed in the Bay; the Anti-Apartheid Movement, Third World Liberation Front, the Black Power Movement, Alcatraz Island Occupation and American Indian Movement, and many more struggles. As a progressive leader in the fight for immigrant rights and racial justice, BAJI-Bay Area draws from the rich organizing legacy in the Bay Area to grow and build current movements for racial justice and immigrant rights.

Position Summary: The BAJI Bay Area Organizer will be responsible for implementing the BAJI strategic plan in consultation with BAJI staff, BAJI Organizing Committee members, and strategic partners. They will show leadership and commitment to BAJI guiding principles, framework, analysis and implementation methods.

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