UndocuProfessionals Mentorship Program - Spring/Summer 2021

We believe undocumented professionals should have a clear pathway to achieving their career goals. We aim to do this by creating an environment of mentorship and community that is sustainable and allows future generations to live out their potential. 

March 27, 2021
August 29th, 2021

About our Programs

The start of the program is Spring/Summer 2021 and mentors will meet a minimum of 6 times for 1-3 hours with their respective mentee from 

Mentor/Mentee will meet via phone, email, or video conference. We have established different mentoring “tiers” to make sure every mentor can find something that works best for them such as Personal, Career and Educational. 

  • Personal: Building their network, wants to hear from others undocu stories/journeys
  • Career: Reviewing Resume, applying for a new job
  • Educational: applying for a scholarship, application to undergrad/graduate program

If you are interested to join the program by becoming a mentor (undocuProfessionals) or mentee (Undocu Students) please fill out the correct form below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

  • Mentors: No specific requirements are needed to be a mentor. We believe that anyone can be a mentor and can contribute so much. If you want to give back to the undocumented community we invite you to be a mentor. 
  • Mentee: No specific requirements are needed to be a mentee. If you need help in your personal, educational, and career development we highly encourage you to be a mentee.
  • This is the first program nationwide that has a mentor-mentee matching program within the undocumented community. Therefore, If you self-identify as undocumented, hold an undocumented legal status, have DACA/TPS, AB540, or have a refugee immigration status we highly encourage you to apply to be a Mentor or Mentee. 

Does the Mentor Program have mentors who are NON-DACA?

Yes, many mentors and mentees are non-DACA.

When will we know about our mentor?

One week after the start of the program

How will we be matched with a mentee?

The UndocuProfessionals mentorship program team works diligently to pair the best possible match and many pieces are reviewed before finalizing the match. Some to mention are: Location, Availability and your main goal of the program.

How long is the mentee/(f)mentor relationship supposed to last?

The Spring/Summer Mentorship Program will last from March 29, 2021 to August 27, 2021, however, we hope the mentorship program is only the beginning of the relationship with your mentee/mentor.

What resources will undocuprofessionals mentorship team will provide to (f)mentors in order to assist their mentee?

We will provide the following events and resources for the mentors so they can better assist their mentee: 1 hour training, 2 Mentors Meetings, provide resources, one-to-one meeting upon request, 2 networking events, 

Is it only for College students or fresh graduates who are seeking work?

Mentees that need personal, educational and professional development are highly encouraged to apply. Also, HS students are welcome to apply. Students under eighteen years old will have to get their legal guardians written consent to participate in the program.

How often are the meetings with the mentees?

The date and time is flexible. It is up to the mentor and mentee to decide on the dates/times of meetings. 

Can I be a Mentor and Mentee at the same time?

Yes, you can certainly be a mentor & mentee at the same time.

What happens if I cannot move forward with the Mentorship program?

We understand that we are currently living differently and difficult times, therefore, we ask that you please let us know as soon as possible to ensure that we notify the mentee/or mentor.

UndocuProfessionals Fall/Winter Mentorship Program team:


For more info please email the Mentorship Program Team: unndocuprofessionalsmentorship@gmail.com