February 15, 2021

Undocu Students Scholarship Fund

We are excited to announce that we have partner with ARBOL, a fundraiser platform by first gen professionals, to support undocumented students. Our goal is to reach to $10,000 to support 10 undocumented students. Any donation and support is appreciated:

The UndocuProfessionals Network is a brave platform for the undocumented communities to highlight their experiences from students as they transition to professionals.Through our community we can break down the barriers that so many face in their education and entering the workforce. All students regardless of immigration status should have a clear pathway to achieving their education, career and personal goals and not be discriminated due to immigration status. Through the UndocuProfessionals Network, many students have shared their valuable stories with me. They shared their experiences with someone who told them that they couldn't go to College either if they didn't have the money to afford it. Undocumented students, through the UndocuProfessionals Network, continue to echo the high need for financial support that is not available to them. Today, amid so many uncertainties such as COVID-19 and anti-immigrant climate, the undocumented students need assistance. Therefore, in my humble efforts to assist the undocumented students, I am creating the UndocuProfessionals Scholarship Fund.

With your support to the UndocuProfessionals Scholarship Fund, we can award scholarships to undocumented black students, undocumented students in the LGBTQ community, and undocumented students who are unemployed (that didn't qualify for unemployment benefits) and didn't receive a stimulus check because this administration excludes them. These are students that are both DACA recipients and non-DACA recipients. Each recipient will be awarded $500 from the UndocuProfessionals Scholarship Fund and will highlight each recipient at the UndocuProfessionals social media platforms. Please support some of the most vulnerable and overlooked community members.