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Growing Up Undocumnted was something I knew but didn’t realize what it really meant till I hit my late 20s. Having to be an adult and find a job became something scary and exhausting as you kind had to pick and choose who hired folks like me.Which weren’t always the highest paying jobs. Fast forward to my late 20s. I didn’t qualify for DACA due to some unfortunate events. I felt even more alienated. Which also cause some depression and more anxiety. I carried a lot of fears and was an emotional mess. As the years went by I landed Nannie job. I became a Nannie and did that for 5 years. The pay was good but Something in me felt incomplete, tired, and I wasn’t happy. Yes, the money was good but I would always ask myself “is this everything for me?” In 2018 I was blessed to get Free Therapy sessions that I believed changed my life. I learned so much about myself and had to unlearn patterns and traumas that came with being Undocumented which I wasn’t aware off. Now I think of being Undocumented as my power. The power to grow, to go after my dreams to dream BIG. I started to create and believe in myself that I run 2 business. I have my photography and jewelry line. They both started out of me needing and wanting a creative outlet but also to have something on my own. Ive also became a content creator and work with shops. It’s been a beautiful experience. It’s been almost a year and growing. I didn’t start with a plan,budget, actually I had no idea. I just started. It’s been a year and my jewelry line is growing and I get a lot of inquires for shoots. I run my business full time and it’s become my main incomes. It’s definitely not easy but it brings me joy, Money is just the cherry on top. In still learning and growing. Pushing myself to do more and I have more hope and feel more confident in my journey and my power.

What the Undocuprofessionals means to you?

To success and make something happen out of nothing.

Message for Undocumented Students and Professionals

My tips would be to Just Start. Everything else will come. The details will unveil and you’ll learn how to do them. You don’t have to know much of what you want to do.

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