Sharet Garcia

Founder of UndocuProfessionals

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UndocuProfessionals was formed out of the needs for answers to transition from an undocumented student to an undocumented professional...

As an undocumented student myself I had many questions in regards to my pursuit to higher-education in the different levels and then moving into a professional higher-level career. I paved my own path for both throughout college and transitioning into a professional career.

I started UndocuProfessionals because I knew from experience that many faculty, staff, administrators or student advisors didn't have the information or expertise to advise me on my career path. My hope is to increase awareness and support for undocumented students in all levels of education that are transitioning to undocumented professional, and I want the ongoing support and encouragement of a community of individuals with similar aspirations and challenges. I have witnessed first-hand the need for resources available for undocumented students in my fields in Higher Education and profession.

UndocuProfessional is providing a safe space for undocumented students transitioning to undocumented professionals to share their experiences, networking, collaborating, supporting and hosting a variety of workshops and more.

​UndocuProfessionals highlights and provides a safe space to support undocumented students of all levels, undocumented professionals, and allies offering peer support and professional development, a resource of unprecedented knowledge on related career pathways, and advocate for increased access to careers for the undocumented community.

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