Victoria Matey Mendoza

Host of a Shot of Truth Podcast/ Programming and Events Manager/ Speech Consultant

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Shot of Truth Podcast


I came to the US at the age of 3. Ive been living in Washington for 23 years currently in Bellingham, WA a border city 30 minutes from the Canadian border: I’ve always been a rebel. I’ve always been an educator. Over the last 5 years I’ve spoken all over the country—on challenging the dreamer narrative and the parallels between mass incarceration and mass detention. I have two ted talks and the host of a Shot of Truth Podcast—celebrating, knowledge sharing and story telling by undocumented people. I have loads of opinions which is why I created this platform with my close friends. I am a change maker fellow and a Dream Lead Institute alum. I am a queer undocumented womxn of color. I am a physical empath. I am my ancestors paving the road for the next generation. I am undocumented. I am loud and proud of it. Not only am I here to stay. I am here to fuck shit up.

What the Undocuprofessionals means to you?

Undocuprofessional means challenging the idea of white professionalism. It means being authentic. It means living and breathing your morals. It is creating access for others to also be successful.

Message for Undocumented Students and Professionals

Challenge everything. Your life is an act of resistance. El sole sale para todos- Leo Carmona

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