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A Dreamers Journey


My name is Xtian Bueno I was born in Jalisco Mexico and raised as an undocumented child in the fairytale of the American Dream..It is difficult to live in a world that judges your every move. Speaking out about my experience was difficult because the mental strength to face my reality was not there. For years I lived in the shadows and then #DACA allowed me to step out on the light and be seen for the first time..I’ve had to work on my confidence for over 20 years now. Imagine living your entire youth believing you don’t belong, the opportunities at hand are not for you, you don’t deserve to be better, and you should always remain in your lane. Become invisible , it’s the only way to survive..Now I can finally be free from that burden. I can step out and speak up and do it with confidence. I am here to share my story and to be loud about, the purpose is not to make anyone uncomfortable (it’s not about you), for the first time in my life is all about my story, and those of my community..No one has ownership of my thrive, my hard work, and my legacy, no one but me..Xoxo.Xtian....#dreamact #dreamactnow #cleandreamact #daca #dacamented #defenddaca #wealldream #dreamerteam #dreamers #nobodyisillegal #abolishice #heretostay #wearealldreamers #protectdreamers #undocumented #undocumentedandunafraid #undocumentedunafraid #dreamandpromiseact #HR6 #immigrationreform #immigrantrising #undocutales #latinx #latinxcreate #westandwithimmigrants #undocugrad #undocuhustle #undocuart #speakyourtruth #dacadreamers

What the Undocuprofessionals means to you?

A community of immigrant individuals that have managed to change their lives through education and hard work against all odds. Survivors and the new generation of decision makers.

Message for Undocumented Students and Professionals

Vulnerability is key; Don't be afraid to ask for help and advise. After I opened up to me College about my legal status as a DREAMER they created private scholarships and opportunity that help me to graduation.Get involved; Volunteering, picking up internships, helping your peers, this are all actions that are being watched and acknowledged and appreciated from the decision makers. If you create value like this that value will came back to you.Start building a network. It doesn't matter who just know the people that can help you level up. All of my opportunities were created by someone I knew and had good things to say about me.

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